Are basketball shoes bad for volleyball?

Can you wear Nikes for volleyball?

Can you wear Nike basketball shoes for volleyball? Absolutely yes. The great thing about basketball and volleyball is that both sports have similar dynamics to them, even though I can see some basketball players rolling their eyes right now.

Can you play volleyball in Jordans?

Overall—In the end this shoe has become my favorite shoe to wear, on and off the court, and to play in both volleyball and basketball (taking the place of the Christmas Melo M11). The cushioning is awesome. The Materials and fit are top notch. The traction (with some break in time) is great.

Are high tops bad for volleyball?

No high-top shoe is going to prevent an injury in sports that have a higher risk of ankle sprains (such as basketball or volleyball) where the mechanism of injury is coming down from a jump and landing on an opposing players foot at a high velocity.

Are Kyrie shoes good for volleyball?

The traction, without a doubt, is awesome. It works on multiple court conditions i.e. hardwood, sport court, and composite, and whether they were maintained or not, traction was great. For volleyball players like liberos, having great traction is necessary for lateral and side-to-side movements.

What shoes do USA volleyball players wear?

Basically, there are three main players in the sport, Mizuno, Asics and Nike. Mizuno has the edge for many reasons, not the least of which is it’s the official footwear for USA Volleyball and our national teams and, not coincidentally, the brand most easily accessible for clubs and high schools.

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What do you need for volleyball?

Safe Volleyball Gear

  • Knee pads to protect the knees when sliding or falling.
  • Padded shorts to protect the hips when diving for a ball.
  • Other pads and braces such as elbow or forearm pads, ankle or wrist braces, or thumb splints.
  • Volleyball shoes for good traction on gym floors and extra padding for comfort.