Are NBA ratings up?

Are NBA ratings up or down?

However, it’s important to note that although the ratings for the 2020 NBA Playoffs were down 37% compared to the prior year, both the NHL playoffs (38%) and the MLB playoffs (40%) experienced more significant rating declines. The final round of golf’s 2020 U.S. Open decreased by 56%.

How are 2021 NBA ratings?

The full 2021 NBA playoffs averaged 3.97 million viewers across ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV, per Sports Media Watch. Last year, in the fan-less Orlando bubble, the playoffs averaged 3.04 million viewers, meaning this year was a 30.5 percent improvement over 2020 but still lagged by 17 percent behind pre-pandemic 2019.

Are sports losing popularity?

In general, sports are receding from our daily lives. Participation in youth sports has fallen dramatically since March. Overall, there’s been nearly a 50% drop in physical activity among American children since the start of the pandemic, according to the Aspen Institute.

Is NBA viewership down in 2021?

The 2021 audience however, was a decline of 35% from the 2019 Finals which averaged 15.14 million viewers.

Is viewership down for NFL?

According to the NFL’s analysis of Nielsen data, total viewing of cable news in the hours when football is on is down around 30% from a year ago. TV news siphoning NFL viewers is not a Trump-era phenomenon, Rolapp said, noting that NFL ratings declined in every presidential election year since 1996.

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Why NBA ratings are down?

There were several reasons television ratings were down for sports in 2020—increased streaming options, the weirdness of having no fans in the stands, an all-encompassing presidential election, the fact that the entire world was falling apart—but the primary reason may be the simplest: Sports were on at different times …

Do Millennials watch less sports?

While 50% of millennials, said they watch live sports at least once a week, only 1 in 4 individuals ages 13-23 said the same.

Are professional sports on the decline?

Sports leagues, especially Major League Baseball, are seeing declines in younger viewership. The change comes as people turn away from traditional TV viewing and toward social media, video games and streaming TV, a trend that has only grown during the Covid-19 pandemic, reports The Wall Street Journal.