Best answer: Who guarded Michael Jordan the best?

Who gave Michael Jordan the most problems?

Given this, let’s take a look at Jordan’s five most hated rivals on the court.

  • John Starks. Standing just 6-foot-3, John Starks did not back down from guarding a Michael Jordan who was at his peak. …
  • Clyde Drexler. …
  • Reggie Miller. …
  • Gary Payton. …
  • Isiah Thomas.

Did Jordan always guard the best player?

Out of 24 playoff series, Michael Jordan – not Scottie Pippen -guarded the better perimeter player more often. Specifically,Jordan guarded the better perimeter player during 13 playoff series, while Pippen guarded the better perimeter player 11 times.

Who is the toughest player to guard in NBA?

Patrick Beverley Says Luka Doncic is Toughest Player to Guard in NBA.

Was Jordan a better defender than Pippen?

Kendall Gill: Michael Jordan was a better defender than Scottie Pippen. According to former NBA small forward Kendall Gill, Jordan was a better defender than Pippen. … He’s also third in NBA history in steals with 2,514. Meanwhile, Pippen was the 1994-95 steals champion and is seventh all-time in steals.

Can anyone guard Jordan?

During the 1996 NBA Finals, The Glove defended Jordan as well as anyone could have. Once the Bulls grabbed a commanding 3-0 lead in the series, Sonics head coach George Karl allowed Payton to guard Jordan; while Chicago still won the title, that move almost changed everything.

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What is the Michael Jordan rule?

The Jordan Rules were a successful defensive basketball strategy employed by the Detroit Pistons against Michael Jordan in order to limit his effectiveness in any game.