Best answer: Who is the head basketball coach at Drake University?

What is Darian DeVries salary?

DeVries is probably making in the $500,000-a-year range.

Who is the highest paid SEC basketball coach?

John Calipari of Kentucky: Salary- $8 million

What is John Calipari salary? According to USA Today, Calipari’s base salary is $8 million this season, the highest college basketball coach salary now.

How much does the head basketball coach at Duke make?

Per Celebrity Net Worth, Krzyzewski has a base salary of $7million. However, with bonuses his annual pay can reach just under $10million. The only other college coach who earns more is John Calipari at Kentucky, who racks in just under $8million.

What is Drake’s favorite basketball team?

Raptors superfan Drake is the NBA’s biggest celebrity playoff antagonist — and he won’t stop anytime soon — The Undefeated.

Is Drake a Kentucky fan?

Drake absolutely has to come in at No.

Born as Aubrey Graham in Toronto, Canada, the rapper really has no ties to Kentucky other than John Calipari. … Drake has said that Calipari inspired him to finish high school and even attended his graduation.

What does Dan Muller earn?

They also topped the 2020 compensation lists at Illinois State (men’s basketball’s Dan Muller, at $564,000), Northern Illinois (football’s Thomas Hammock, at $518,200) and Southern Illinois-Carbondale (men’s basketball’s Bryan Mullins, at $475,000).

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What does Porter Moser make?

Loyola coach Porter Moser is finalizing a deal to become Oklahoma’s head coach, according to reports. Loyola had been working to keep Moser, countering with a significant pay raise above his salary of about $1 million.

How much is Alabama’s coach worth?

What is Nick Saban’s Net Worth and Salary? Nick Saban is an American college football head coach who has a net worth of $60 million. Saban is the highest-paid college football coach in the world, and his salary matches his reputation. With base salary and bonuses he makes over $10 million per year.