Best answer: Who track the time per game in basketball?

How is basketball time measured?

The clock runs whenever the ball is in play. The clock is stopped whenever the ball goes out of bounds, a foul is called, free throws are being shot, and during time outs. When the ball is inbound, the clock starts once a player touches the ball.

Who tracks NBA Player stats?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) first tracked all games at the start of the 2013-14 NBA season. Second Spectrum is the current Official Optical Tracking Provider of the NBA and began league-wide tracking in the 2017-18 NBA season, replacing STATS SportVU which previously held the league-wide contract.

Who keeps the record of play and the time in basketball?

TIMEKEEPER IN BASKETBALL: The timer will regulate the playing time and track the duration of the game. There should be at least five (5) officials officiating a basketball game. Hence, the timekeeper will be one of the officials. Timekeepers are responsible for monitoring game time.

Who holds the ball the most in NBA?

Nikola Jokic tops the list, essentially even with LeBron James. However, LeBron has had the ball in his hands for nearly three times as long as Jokic this season. If you parse the total dribbles below expected by the total time of possession, Steven Adams, Jokic, Domantas Sabonis and Joel Embiid rise to the top.

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Who has the best stats in NBA history?


# Player PTS
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38387
2 Karl Malone 36928
3 LeBron James 35516
4 Kobe Bryant 33643

Do play in stats count NBA?

The NBA doesn’t count the play-in games as regular season or playoff contests. It’s as if they never happened.

Who controls the shot clock?

The shot-clock operator started the shot clock when A1 touched the ball. RULING: The operator was correct. Touching the ball initiates the start of the game clock in all cases and the shot clock except in a reset situation when there is less than 30/35 seconds in the quarter or extra period.