Can basketball players change positions?

Can a basketball player play all positions?

The majority of NBA players are defined by the one thing that they excel in on the basketball court. … Though they all have an individual position they excel in, each of these players is more than capable of stepping up at any of the five positions.

Can LeBron play any position?

Share All sharing options for: LeBron James can play any position at any time. We’ve all seen LeBron James’ greatness. … After starting at point guard for the Cavaliers against the Bulls on Tuesday, James told reporters that he knows “every single play at every single position.”

What’s the hardest position to play in basketball?

For many players the point guard position is considered the hardest position in basketball. The point guard will need multiple skill sets found in the other positions, and needs a high basketball IQ to be able to make plays on the court during game time.

What is the 5th position in basketball?

Center. The center (C), also known as the five, pivot or big man, usually plays near the baseline or close to the basket (the “low post”). They are usually the tallest players on the floor. Centers usually scores “down low”, or “in the paint” (near the basket, in the key), but some can be good perimeter shooters.

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Which NBA players can guard all 5 positions?

Dennis Rodman Is The Only Player In NBA History Who Could Guard All 5 Positions: Magic, Jordan, Bird, Malone And Shaq. We have seen many great players in NBA history, who thrive on the defensive end.