Can basketball players wear glasses?

Why do NBA players not wear glasses?

Practically you can wear your glasses while playing basketball as there is no such rule forbidding it. … Since basketball is a high contact sport, a single wrong move can lead to a serious accident. So wearing your everyday glasses during basketball could increase the risk of an injury and can endanger your eyesight.

Are players allowed to play with glasses or lenses?

You will need to speak to your optometrist if you need vision correction for game play, as the best solution may require contact lenses. The majority of sports are fine to wear glasses however. … In these sports, the nature of the game allows you to safely wear glasses and enjoy the benefits of corrective eyewear.

Are goggles banned in NBA?

Coach Erik Spoelstra said the team was told the goggles, because of the tinting, presented Wade with an unfair advantage because opponents could not clearly see his eyes. …

Do basketball goggles fog up?

Sports glasses will fog up because they are at a lower temperature than the heat that is being emitted by your face. When the heat from your face hits the glasses, the lower temperatures cause the air to condensate and the moisture turns to a liquid on the glasses.

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Is it bad to play basketball with contact lenses?

A: It is certainly OK to wear contact lenses while playing basketball. One of the main reasons to wear contact lenses is to be able to play sports and not have to wear frames. Contact lenses improve peripheral vision over glasses. … The new soft lens contacts do not dislodge as easily as the older hard lens types.

Why do the Lakers wear goggles?

NBA players wear ski goggles to celebrate their victories with champagne. Inside locker rooms, many winning teams would pop champagne bottles. Therefore, the goggles help protect their eyes from a potential ballistic cork. Also, getting champagne in the eyes is not a good experience.

Why did James Worthy wear goggles?

It was also in 1985 that Worthy first donned goggles after suffering a scratched cornea during a March 13 game at the Utah Jazz, wearing them for the rest of his career.

Do basketball players wear contacts?

They just assume their vision is superhuman. But not always.” The same NBA players who pursue the smallest performance edges also choose to walk around with severely impaired vision. They wear nonprescription glasses, and yet they refuse to wear prescription contact lenses.