Did Michael Jordan go to Kobe Bryant Funeral?

Was LeBron at the Kobe Memorial?

Lebron James Explains Why We Didn’t See Him At Kobe Bryant’s Memorial. … LeBron James was perhaps not among the many famous faces cameras scanned throughout the Staples Center during Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s public memorial service on Monday in Los Angeles.

What does Michael Jordan say about Kobe Bryant’s death?

Michael Jordan has revealed the final text conversation he had with Kobe Bryant a month before the NBA legend died in a helicopter crash. … At midday on 8 December 2019, Bryant texted: “This tequila is awesome,” referring to Jordan’s Cincoro Tequila. “Thank you, my brother,” Jordan responded. “Yes, sir.

Did Michael Jordan say Kobe Bryant’s speech?

Michael Jordan was present for Kobe Bryant’s induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, but Vanessa Bryant was the one who gave the speech.

Was Michael Jordan friends with Kobe Bryant?

Jordan and Bryant were longtime friends. Jordan memorably spoke at Bryant’s February 2020 memorial service, giving an emotional speech. “Maybe it surprises people that Kobe and I were close friends, but we were very close friends,” Jordan said. “Kobe was my dear friend.

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