Did Muggsy Bogues ever won a dunk contest?

Did Muggsy Bogues ever dunk a basketball?

The NBA legend reportedly had a 44-inch vertical leap, but he couldn’t dunk?at least in an NBA game. Witnesses claim to have seen Bogues throw it down in high school and professional pregames, though, no video evidence exists.

Who is the shortest person to win a dunk contest?

#1 Spud Webb

Webb is the shortest NBA dunker who won an NBA small dunk contest. In 1986, he beat his teammate Dominique Wilkins (legendary dunker himself) with two perfect 50s in the final round.

Who is the shortest NBA player that can dunk?

Webb, who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA), is known for winning a Slam Dunk Contest despite being one of the shortest players in NBA history, being listed at 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) tall.

Spud Webb.

Texas Legends
Playing career 1985–1998
Position Point guard
Number 4
Career history

Who is the best dunk in history?

Best Dunkers

  • Vince Carter.
  • Michael Jordan.
  • LeBron James.
  • Dominique Wilkins.
  • Julius Erving.
  • Blake Griffin.
  • Darryl Dawkins.
  • Shawn Kemp.

Did Muggsy Bogues ever get a block?

Muggsy Bogues had 39 blocks in his career.

Could Muggsy Bogues palm a basketball?

Finding his niche and filling it remarkably well is what made point guard Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues a dominant player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). … Because his hands were too small to palm a basketball he could never dunk the ball, but he was able to jump more than 44 inches into the air.

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What was Muggsy Bogues vertical?

Muggsy Bogues Dunk Workout: Check Out His 44 Inch Vertical Leap!

Can Muggsy Bogues still dunk?

Second, Muggsy Bogues himself has claimed he could dunk on numerous occassions. In an interview with Coach Mag, he said “I never dunked in an NBA game… but I can dunk a basketball no problem”.