Does Coke sponsor NBA?

What teams does coke sponsor?

Coca Cola have been football shirt sponsors for the following teams:

  • Alajuelense. Costa Rica football league teams, 1987-2003.
  • Alianza. El Salvador football league teams, 2001-2004.
  • Atlas. Mexico Liga MX, 2013-2014.
  • Atletico Lagunero. Mexico other football league teams.
  • Atlético Paranaense. …
  • Atletico Potosino. …
  • Benfica. …
  • Bolivar.

Does Coke sponsor anyone?

Sponsorships and partnerships | Coca-Cola GB. We partner with a host of brilliant organisations, charities and events – both worldwide and specific to Great Britain. Here’s everything you need to know. We partner with a host of brilliant organisations, charities and events – both worldwide and specific to Great Britain …

What sporting events does Coca Cola sponsor?

Its association with the Olympics goes back to 1928, but Coke also sponsors a host of other sporting events including Wimbledon, the Football and Rugby World Cups, and sporting brands such as Adidas. Coke also takes its brand association through to its above the line executions surrounding major sporting events.

Does Pepsi sponsor the NBA?

PepsiCo will remain the official soft drink and chip of the NBA, WNBA, and G League after announcing the renewal of a multiyear marketing partnership. … The chip brand will be the title sponsor of future NBA All-Star Celebrity Games as well.

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How do you get a Coke sponsor?

According to the guidelines set forth by Coca-Cola Company, securing a sponsorship from the company can be achieved if your organization, event or cause fit into their commitment to social responsibility or their promotional and marketing strategies. Go to the official informational website for Coca-Cola.

How do I get Coca-Cola to sponsor me?

All requests for community support in the form of grants or sponsorships for consideration by The Coca-Cola Company, The Coca-Cola Foundation or any of its affiliated regional foundations must be submitted through our online application system.

Is Coke an Olympic sponsor?

The Coca‑Cola Company is the longest continuous sponsor of the IOC, dating back to 1928.

Is Coca a sponsor of the Olympics?

The Olympic Games are a truly global event, giving Coca-Cola a unique opportunity to refresh and celebrate with sports fans in the more than 200 countries where we do business. Coca-Cola has been associated with the Olympic Games continuously since 1928, longer than any other corporate supporter.

Is Coke still an Olympic sponsor?

The Coca-Cola Company is the longest-standing partner of the Olympic Movement, having supported every edition of the Olympic Games since 1928. … Its renewed partnership until at least 2032 extends the Company’s association with the Olympic Movement to a historic 104-year relationship.