Does Michael Jordan like hip hop?

What kind of music does MJ listen to?

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson ONM
Musical career
Genres Pop soul funk rhythm and blues rock disco post-disco dance-pop new jack swing
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1964–2009

Does Michael Jordan have any hobbies?

In another 1993 interview with Ahmad Rashad, Jordan described his gambling as a “hobby.” “I enjoy it, it’s a hobby,” Jordan said. “If I had a problem, I’d be starving. I’d be hawking this watch, my championship rings, I would sell my house.

Who is the current King of Pop?

Justin Bieber Is the King of Instagram, and Therefore the King of Pop Music

Overall rank
DaBaby — 3-month live gross — 30-day ticket sales 50 Album sales 9 Spotify streams 33 YouTube Views — Instagram views 22
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