Frequent question: Can you buy NBA jerseys with social justice messages?

Will the NBA sell social justice jerseys?

Opening game jerseys with social justice messages will be auctioned with proceeds going to a player-administered social justice fund to be housed by the NBPA Foundation. Tatum told The Undefeated that jerseys with social messages will not be for sale.

Can you get a custom NBA jersey?

There are two ways you can customise a NBA jersey. Firstly you can add an NBA players name and number on a Jersey, the second option is to put your name and number on the NBA jersey. Obviously deciding how to customise a NBA jersey is down to the individual purchaser.

What has the NBA done for social justice?

Together, the NBA and its players went to work on social justice, accomplishing most of what the players lobbied for: Arenas became polling sites, “Black Lives Matter” was stickered on court sidelines in the bubble, social justice phrases such as “education reform” or “say her name” were added to the backs of jerseys, …

What is a social justice message?

On the World Day of Social Justice, we recognize the importance of tackling poverty, exclusion and unemployment, in order to promote solidarity, harmony and equality of opportunity within and between societies.

How much does NBA jersey sponsorship cost?

The company has contracts with the Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers. Said Laatz, “Some teams are getting more than $15 million per year for jersey patches and that is close to the $30 million a naming rights sponsorship can bring in annually.”

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