Frequent question: How do you repair a basketball valve?

Can you fix a basketball valve?

Fixing a valve leak

You need to ensure that you can do everything that may need to be done to your valve before attempting to fix them. … The valves can be replaced without breaking the ball’s seams or removing the bladder; with a new valve, most balls will be perfectly usable for another few games.

How do you fix a leaking basketball valve?

Valve Leak

Insert a wet inflating needle into the valve hole several times to clean dirt from the valve. Insert a toothpick into the valve hole if the leak persists. Break off the end of the toothpick, leaving the valve plugged.

Why does my basketball keep losing air?

Basketballs tend to lose a little air when left unused and through normal use over time. In order to bounce properly, basketballs need the right amount of air pressure. … To get the most out of your basketball it is very important to keep it at its recommended air pressure, and to inflate and deflate it correctly.

How do you stop a basketball from deflating?

Store your basketball in a warm area. The cooler the temperature, the more the air inside the basketball will expand and leak. Don’t kick the basketball. Unlike soccer balls, basketballs aren’t meant to be kicked and can deflate much more quickly when they are exposed to extra force.

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How does a basketball valve work?

Typically, such inflatable balls are constructed with an outer leather or vinyl cover and an internal rubber air bladder. The bladder includes a rubber valve that is opened by a hollow needle inserted to inflate the ball. The valve closes or reseals as the hollow needle is withdrawn.

Why is my basketball pump not working?

Inspect the barrel or the rubber pump of the tool. If the hand pump has a metal barrel, check for dents, holes or cracks. If it has a rubber pump, inspect it for punctures, cracks and deterioration due to time or exposure to the elements. In either case, if damage is noted, try to take the pump apart.

Is water bad for a basketball?

Rain or shine, hot or cold, neither indoor or outdoor basketballs should be left outside in extreme conditions. Any type of wetness can ruin the quality of your ball and make it lose its grip. Severe temperatures can also warp the shape of your ball and affect performance.