Frequent question: How many inches is a diameter of a basketball rim?

Are all basketball rims the same size?

Relatively all basketball hoop rim diameters are the same, regardless of level. In other words, the basketball hoop used in high schools, colleges, and official NBA courts have the same hoop rim diameter of 18 inches.

What is the diameter of a size 6 basketball?


Size Type Circumference
7 Men 750–770 mm 29.5–30.3 in
6 Women 715–730 mm 28.1–28.7 in
5 Youth (North America) Mini (FIBA) 685–700 mm 27.0–27.6 in
4 Youth (North America) 25.5 in (65 cm)

What is the diameter of basketball ring in MM?

The dimensions of the hoop are very clear: It must have an internal diameter of at least 450 mm and at most 459 mm.

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