Frequent question: How much do Auburn basketball coaches make?

How much do college basketball coaches make on average?

Average College Basketball Coach Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for coaches at colleges and universities is ​$46,180​ as of 2019. However, coaches of Division I basketball teams can make significantly more, many earning six- and seven-figure salaries.

Who is the highest paid coach in college basketball?

John Calipari of Kentucky: Salary- $8 million

What is John Calipari salary? According to USA Today, Calipari’s base salary is $8 million this season, the highest college basketball coach salary now. He signed a 10-year, $86-million contract extension in June 2019.

Who is the lowest paid college basketball coach?

►The lowest-paid coach in the Big 12 at a scheduled $1.85 million for this contract year, Oklahoma State’s Mike Boynton has led the No.

Is Auburn basketball under investigation?

Auburn has been under investigation by the NCAA for transgressions related to Chuck Person’s arrest for fraud by the FBI dating back to 2017. … “This was a difficult decision but the right decision,” Auburn coach Bruce Pearl said in a statement released on Sunday evening. “I hate it for our current players.

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How much do d3 coaches make?

The lowest earning 10 percent of all coaches received a mean $18,670 annually, and the highest 10 percent made a mean $75,400 per year. The best salaries for all coaches were those that transitioned into becoming managers or agents for the pros. They made $82,100 per year.

How much does a d1 basketball coach make?

College Basketball Coach Salary: List of Highest Paid

Coach Team Salary
Mike Krzyzewski Duke $8,982,325
John Calipari Kentucky $7,450,000
Chris Holtmann Ohio State $7,149,849
Bill Self Kansas $4,779,877

How much do d2 college basketball coaches make?

The NCAA Division II head college coach salary survey results have responses all over the board. The high salary for a division 2 basketball coach in our survey was $110,000. The low salary was $6,000 for a part-time gig at a private school.

What is Leonard Hamilton salary?

Among others, Leonard Hamilton has won the National Coach of the Year three times and is the 7th most winningest coach in the ACC history.

Quick Facts.

Full Name James Leonard Hamilton
Salary $2.25 million per year
Net Worth $15 million
Online Presence Twitter
Last Update November, 2021

How much does Roy Williams make a year?

William’s annual salary of $2.3 million at UNC made him the sixth-highest-paid coach in the NCAA.

How much does coach K make at Duke?

Coach K’s base salary is $7,048,206, plus bonuses that make him the second-highest paid coach in college basketball behind Kentucky’s John Calipari, according to Essentially Sports.