Frequent question: Is jewelry allowed in NBA?

Are nose rings allowed in the NBA?

NBA officials are directed to make certain no player wears jewelry on his hand, arm, face, nose, ear, head or neck.

Can I play basketball with earrings?

Jewelry: Jewelry or hard hair control devices will not be allowed. This includes but is not limited to necklaces, earrings, newly pierced earrings, facial piercing, rings, bracelets & watches. Individuals will not be allowed to tape over any jewelry item. If you cannot remove the item you cannot play.

Can you wear gloves in NBA?

Wearing of Gloves / Fingernails/ Wrist Bands: Gloves may be worn by players as long as they; Are appropriate for basketball, … The use of gloves to avoid cutting fingernails is allowable under the current rules of the game, as long as they conform to the above requirements.

Can you wear a shirt in the NBA?

Can NBA players wear shirts under their jerseys? Yes NBA players can wear shirts under their jerseys.

What can you wear in the NBA?

The latest dress code will allow the players to attend the game without a sports coat when on the bench, and they can also wear long or short-sleeve polo shirts for the various league and team activities. In addition, the male and female coaches will also be allowed to wear the long/short-sleeve NBA polos.

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