Frequent question: What is Kobe Bryant best known for?

Why is Kobe so famous?

Championship Success

With five NBA Championships, Kobe Bryant has been the most successful basketball player over the past decade. He is the closest thing this generation has seen to basketball greatness. And his success just so happened to coincide with the rise of Chinese consumerism.

Why is Kobe Bryant important to the world?

Kobe’s lasting legacy had an impact on and off the court as he helped shift many perspectives and inspired others through his hard work, dedication, and passion for what he loved.

Was Kobe Bryant a good role model?

Known for his strong work ethic, Bryant was a role model on and off the basketball court. Bryant always made sure to acknowledge his own role models and the people he learned from throughout his life. He also paid it forward as a mentor for countless others.

Did Kobe say he was the greatest?

Kobe Bryant calls himself the greatest of all time, ahead of Michael Jordan and Lebron James. “I’m the best, Michael is second best, Bron is the third best.”

Was Kobe Bryant known worldwide?

It’s easy to see why, what with his constant greatness, his icon status on one of the two most internationally-visible franchises and even his little international connection with Italy, Kobe Bryant is the most popular basketball player in the world.

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