Frequent question: What NBA players can dunk without jumping?

Can Yao Ming dunk without jumping?

No, at approximately 7’5″, Yao wasn’t tall enough to dunk without jumping as his standing reach even in basketball shoes was only 9’8″.

How tall do you have to be to dunk without jumping?

Standard: 6 feet 1inch – 6 feet 3 inches

This height allows you to dunk comfortably without having to go through too much vertical jump training. Many NFL football players are at this height, and they prove that they can jump better than basketball players.

Can tacko fall touch the rim?

Get this: He broke every measurement for height, wingspan and reach in the well-reputed DraftExpress database, which dates back to the 1980s. Just look at how easy it is for him to dunk! With that standing reach, he can touch rim without even jumping.

Can Steve Nash dunk?

Steve Nash, Los Angeles Lakers

Not being able to dunk hasn‘t hindered Steve Nash at all during a 17-year NBA career. … There is footage of Nash “dunking” on a practice court while in college at Santa Clara, which got morphed into this clever NBA commercial, but it’s truly a weak attempt.

Is a 30 inch vertical good?

A good high school athlete will have a vertical jump of 24 to 28 inches. A very good jump would be in the 28- to 32-inch range. An athlete with an excellent vertical jump would rise 32 to 36 inches. Anything above 36 inches would put a high school athlete at the top of his class.

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Did Shaq have to jump to dunk?

That’s right, he’s so tall that he doesn’t eve need to jump. I mean, even Shaquille O‘Neal had to jump while attempting a dunk. … In the clip, he receives the ball in the paint and has the physicality to hold off the defence before dunking the ball. It just goes to show how dangerous he could be in the future.

How hard is it to dunk at 5 11?

A 5-foot-6 guy probably doesn’t have much of a shot with a 10-foot rim unless he’s Spud Webb. At the same time, an average-sized guy–say, 5-11–won’t have a chance without at least a little athletic ability. Dunking isn’t for everybody, but many men at least have a chance at pulling it off.