Frequent question: What weight was Michael B Jordan in Creed?

How long did it take Michael B Jordan to bulk up for Creed?

Michael B. Jordan spent about 12 months training for Creed. This involved a tough workout routine to build the muscle to look like a boxer. And he also worked with trainer Corey Calliet to learn how to box so that he looked and acted authentically.

How much did Michael B. Jordan gain for Creed?

As I was watching Creed at the movie theater, I could not help but notice how much Michael B. Jordan has to offer the world of cinema. The now 33-year-old made noticeable transformations to play the son of fictional Rocky franchise character Apollo Creed, including packing on 24 pounds…of muscle!

Is Adonis Creed a heavyweight?

That representation is much more accurate. In Creed, Adonis Johnson is a light heavyweight. In the film’s final battle, Johnson challenges ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlan, played by professional boxer Tony Bellew, for his world title. … Bellew fought as a light heavyweight for years before moving up in weight.

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