Frequent question: Why do basketball shoes have high ankle?

Are low or high basketball shoes better?

In general, high top basketball shoes exchange lightweight feel for sturdiness, while low top basketball shoes allow for much more movement during a game. … Cutting is not a key part of their game, which means they can put more focus on foot protection. Power players also put a lot of strain on their feet.

How do you prevent your ankle from rolling in basketball?

Players can prevent this ankle injury by wearing the proper athletic shoes that provide support and will help to avoid slipping on the court. An ankle brace is also a great way for players to support the joint and prevent a sprained ankle. Talk with your doctor or physical therapist about what is best for you.

Why do high tops hurt my ankles?

Because the range of motion in the ankle is greatly decreased, surrounding tendons, ligaments, and muscles cannot be properly strengthened, leading to “weak ankles.” Koban further asserts the every day wearing of high-top shoes can create a vicious cycle of problems: Ankle and knee pain.

Do high-top boots prevent ankle injuries?

A number of studies have reported that high-top shoes in comparison to low-top shoes decreased the amount and rate of inversion, and further decreased the risk of ankle sprains [8,9].

Are basketball shoes good for flat feet?

But when you hit the hardwood, flat feet can be downright disastrous without the right basketball shoe. … The balance of cushion, support and fit is geared toward the average foot shape, often with a little (but not too much) support, and not a huge amount of arch support.

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