Frequent question: Why was slam dunk anime Cancelled?

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Will Slam Dunk have Season 2?

As of yet, no production company has committed to directing Season 2 of Slam Dunk. In the anime, the guys haven’t won the national championship yet, but those who want to know what happens at the end of the series will have to study the manga.

Did the author of Slam Dunk died?

TAN. The Manga which was written on a blackboard at the time of “SLAM DUNK finals” event. After this, a sequel of Manga is not written. An author is not dead.

Which is better Slam Dunk vs Kuroko no basket?

Kuroko’s Basketball is commonly referred to as “the Slam Dunk of this generation”, meaning that it’s the definitive basketball anime for the 2010s. However, if you were to actually compare the two, Kuroko’s Basketball is undoubtedly the better anime.

Where does the Slam Dunk anime end?

The anime premiered October 16, 1993 and ended March 23, 1996, with the anime series ending at the beginning of Inter High, right after Shohoku played a practice match against a combined Shoyo and Ryonan team.

Where can I watch slam dunk Season 2?

Top 5 providers

  • Netflix.
  • hayu.
  • iflix.
  • Apple iTunes.
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