How did basketball come to Europe?

How did basketball first spread around the world?

It’s a remarkable twist for a sport invented by a Canadian in the United States. YMCA educator James Naismith created the game in 1891 as a way to keep his students engaged while bound indoors by snow. … The game then spread across the continent, sowing deep seeds in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Russia.

Who invented basketball in Europe?

James Naismith, The Person Who Invented Basketball. The instructor of this class was James Naismith, a 31-year-old graduate student.

Is basketball a thing in Europe?

In Europe, basketball is the second most popular team sport in many countries, including Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Spain. In Lithuania, it is the national sport. It is also very popular in Italy, France, Germany and all ex-Yugoslavia countries.

How did basketball become popular worldwide?

Basketball became popular very quickly and its popularity spread widely. … Naismith and his players disseminated the rules of Basketball freely and the need for an indoor sport by many schools and organizations helped spread the popularity of the game.

Who actually invented basketball?

How did James Naismith think of basketball?

James Naismith invented Basketball because they needed a sport to play indoors for the winter because it was too cold to play baseball or football outside. WHEN WAS IT INVENTED OR FIRST USED?

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What sports were invented in Europe?

Famous European Sports

  • Introduction. Many of Europe’s most popular sports today developed from traditional pastimes, many of which originated in the United Kingdom. …
  • Nationale tenniskampioenschappen. …
  • Opzienbarende cricketmatch. …
  • Rugby. …
  • Skiing. …
  • Victoire à ski sur l’Eiger.

What games did Europeans introduce?

The Games were envisioned and are governed by the European Olympic Committees (EOC), which announced their launch at its 41st General Assembly in Rome, on 8 December 2012.


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