How do I find my favorite NBA team?

How do I choose an NBA team to support?

Just make sure that particular city or state has an NBA team. And for those who actually are currently living in the US, you might have a headstart on knowing your city or state. After all, it’s fun to support a local team wherein those around you are diehard fans as well.

Who is the most favorite NBA team?

NEW YORK (October 11, 2021) The NBA is BACK! With pre-season well underway, millions of NBA fans across the US will be tuning in and voicing their opinions online for the upcoming season.

The full list can be seen in the table below:

Rank 1
Team Los Angeles Lakers
No. of Posts 5,870,777
Top Demographic 18-24 23.5%

How do you pick a team to support?

The Most Important Factors When Choosing a Football Team to…

  1. Predictions and Betting. …
  2. Familial loyalty and tradition. …
  3. Popularity and historical successes. …
  4. Location. …
  5. Playstyle.

Who does LeBron James play for?

Who is the least successful NBA team?

The Minnesota Timberwolves have the lowest win–loss record percentage, with 1,003–1,545 (. 394). The Boston Celtics have recorded the most wins, with 3,462; the Sacramento Kings have recorded the most losses with 3,135. The Boston Celtics lead the association with the most played games, with 5,868.

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What team is Steph Curry on?