How do you change your Cyberface in NBA 2K14 My Career?

How do I assign a Cyberface?

Assign cyberface IDs with this Cheat Engine table

  1. Attach Cheat Engine to the NBA 2K21 process.
  2. Load up the cheat table in Cheat Engine.
  3. Go to a player’s Edit Player screen.
  4. Change CFID (and optionally First Name / Last Name) in the lower part of Cheat Engine.
  5. Exit Edit Player screen (save changes)

How do you change clothes in NBA 2k14?

How to change your My Player Clothes!

  1. You need to know the texture number of the shirt which is 524 and the pants 3.
  2. Open the 2kX Mod tool and locate for the shirt texture.
  3. Export it and edit it to your liking.
  4. If your done editing import it back and see the difference!
  5. Enjoy.

How do you delete my career on 2K14?


  1. Navigate to [Settings]
  2. Select [System Storage Management]
  3. Choose [Applications]
  4. Navigate to [NBA 2K14 or NBA 2K15] whichever you need.
  5. Press the Option button and select Delete.

How do you put a Cyberface on a created player in NBA 2k14?

Re: Putting a cyberface on a created player

#1 – Type the CF ID into the Face ID bar in Limnono’s Modifier. #2 – Press the Confirm Face ID. #3 – Go into the player you want to edit. #4 – Save and Exit.

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How do you restart my career in NBA 2k14?

Hit triangle when you’re over the MyCareer option on the main menu and you can delete. You can’t delete your MyPlayer, but you can delete the mycareer file, and then go into the “features” section, go to MyPlayer and rename and redo all the looks, and start up a new My Career.

How do I start a new career?

10 Tips on How to Start a New Career

  1. Know what you do best. …
  2. List your training and experience. …
  3. Now think about jobs. …
  4. Narrow the list to a few possible careers — no more than three or four. …
  5. Learn all you can about your chosen new career. …
  6. Changing your mind? …
  7. Keep your old job if possible. …
  8. Do you need more training?