How do you dive on NBA Street 2?

How do you do tricks in NBA Street 2?

While in game if there is no one in front of you you can do a main dunk. To do a main dunk run toward the hoop and press L1+L2+O to do main dunk.To do a main trick use Biggie Little and press L1+L2+square and he will do a cartwheel on the ball.

How do you unlock the Yeti on NBA Street?

To unlock Team Dream, which includes the Yeti Snowman, Graylien Alien, and Magma Man, you must complete Hold the Court mode on any difficulty. Win 30 games in any mode to unlock Team NYC Legends. This team is made up of three real-life New York City street greats.

How do you unlock Michael Jordan in NBA Street Vol 2?

Enter these codes when the “enter codes now” screen comes up after choosing a pick up game.

  1. ’85 Michael Jordan: Hold L1 and press Square, TRIANGLE, Square, Square.
  2. ABA Ball: Hold L1 and press CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, Circle.
  3. All Courts Opened: Hold L1 & L2 and press CIRCLE, Square, CIRCLE, Square.

How do you use gamebreaker in NBA Street ps2?

Trick Move : Press a Trick Button (X Button or Y Button). unleash the Gamebreaker. Switch Players: Press the A Button to change your player.

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How do you unlock legends in NBA Street?

Unlockable Extras. Beat the Broad Street Challenge in Be a Legend mode. Reach Reputation Level 3 in Be a Legend mode. Beat nba challenge, street school, and be a legend.

How do you unlock fields in NFL Street 2?

Put in one of the following codes in the cheat/code menu to unlock the cheat indicated:

  1. EAField – Unlock EA Field.
  2. GlueHands – No Fumbles on hits or tackles. …
  3. EAASFSCT – AFC East All-Stars team.
  4. NAOFRCTH – AFC North All-Stars team.
  5. SAOFUCTH – AFC South All-Stars team.
  6. WAEFSCT – AFC West All-Stars team.

Can you play NBA Street on PS4?

Furthermore, former EA employee Josh Smilie revealed that NBA Street PS4 is unlikely to happen due to the publisher having to fork out a great deal of its budget on simply acquiring the license. … It becomes more risky to release a game that costs more to make and any licensed sports game is a gamble because of that.

How do you serve dinners on the NBA Street?

Tricks. To do a sweet dunk called “Dinner’s Served” run towards the basket holding the L1,L2,R1,R2 buttons and press the circle button. NOTE:You need to have a good supply of turbo to do this.