How do you drown a basketball sound?

Is there a basketball that doesn’t make sound?

Since 2018, Hardaway has marketed a product called “Dream Dribble,” a basketball silencer that allows players to workout inside without disturbing others. “It doesn’t make any noise while dribbling,” Hardaway said in a recent interview with Fox 2 News in Detroit.

Can you dribble a basketball on a carpet?

Dribble the ball on the carpet.

There is no better place to practice dribbling hard than on the carpet. If you don’t dribble the ball hard it won’t come back up to you. This is a great way to vary your dribbling routine and do something different to get out of your comfort zone.

How loud is a basketball?

Sports reporters who have measured the sounds at some basketball games have recorded noise levels upwards of 109 decibels. You risk noise-induced hearing loss in just 2 minutes when exposed to sounds at 110 A-weighted decibels (dBA). … Enjoy the game AND protect your hearing!

How do you bounce a basketball quietly?

Take the ball, move it around your hips as fast as you can. Move ball up and down your body as fast you can, then around each leg, your head etc. it’s a terrific workout and is silent. Reverse directions too.

What is the quietest basketball?

Right now a leather basketball is going to be the quietest choice when it comes to dribbling a Men’s or Women’s basketball. Again the basketball still makes a lot of noise, and this isn’t a basketball you will want to play with outside.

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Why do people put bags on their basketballs?

One, it makes the ball more slippery. Two, it reduces the bounce of the ball off the floor. Three, the ball will take unpredictable bounces, especially with the knot tied to keep the bag on. Generally speaking, the tighter the bag’s tied on the ball, the less difficulty and unpredictably added.