How important is wingspan in the NBA?

Is wingspan more important than height in basketball?

It’s much more important than your height,” Kerr said. “If your wingspan is more than your height, that’s kind of abnormal. Most of us have the same wingspan as our height. … A lot of basketball players don’t, though, they have wider wingspans.

Do long arms help in basketball?

In basketball or tennis, longer arms are an advantage for scoring as well as passing the ball. In both sports, a longer arm span makes a shot over the net or into the basket possible across a more generous range of angles.

Is a longer wingspan better?

We know for a fact that players with longer arms can reach up and over others to grab rebounds, even those that are taller than them. Having a longer wingspan makes it easier for players to reach the ball before it gets low enough for players with shorter wingspans.

Who has a 7ft wingspan?

Manute Bol’s wingspan is considered as longest wingspan in the NBA with a measurement of 8 feet 6 inches and his height is 7’7″ measured.

Could Manute Bol dunk without jumping?

Meet Manute Bol, all 7-feet 6-inches, 190 pounds of him, imported from a remote village tribe in Sudan, who is stuffing a ball through a hoop for the University of Bridgeport’s basketball team. … He can dunk the ball without jumping. He can lay both palms flat on each side of a backboard.

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Are long arms stronger?

However, even though longer arms may be a disadvantage in certain situations, such as weightlifting competitions, the fact that they must work harder to perform the same motion, as well as the fact that longer arms create more leverage than shorter arms, means that individuals with long arms are often able to generate …

Is bench press harder with longer arms?

Whether you have short, long or average arms, there isn’t much of a difference in how it affects your bench press. While there may be some slight advantage to those with shorter arms, it isn’t enough for scientists to really notice. However, other body characteristics do affect how much you can (or can’t) bench press.

Is having long arms good?

Long arms are a huge advantage in intercepting the ball. Longer forearms also mean a better whipping motion when throwing. Long-armed blockers can reach higher above the net. Hitters can hit with more torque and at sharper angles.