How long has NBA played on Christmas?

Does NBA play on Christmas?

The 2019-20 campaign will mark the 72nd edition of the NBA on Christmas Day. The league began playing Christmas games in 1947, and will feature five games on the holiday for the sixth straight year.

How many times has LeBron played on Christmas?

LeBron James has scored 383 points in 15 games on Christmas Day. As usual, LeBron James delivered on Christmas.

Why is there no NBA games?

The NBA works backwards from there, and adjusts the schedule during the other rounds. Since only one of the first round series went seven games, they started the second round a bit early, leaving a day with no games in the middle of the second round.

Who has the most points on Christmas Day?

Kobe Bryant currently holds the overall Christmas NBA scoring record with 395 points.

What teams play on Christmas Day?

Regular season

Season Visiting Team Home Team
2017 Pittsburgh Steelers Houston Texans
Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles
2020 Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints
2021 Cleveland Browns Green Bay Packers

Did Lakers win on Christmas Day?

Lakers beat Mavericks in Christmas Day blowout – Sports Illustrated.

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