How many black head coaches are in NBA?

What is the percentage of black head coaches in the NBA?

Of the 30 NBA coaches leading teams at the end of the 2020-2021 regular season, seven are Black, or 23.3 percent. And those Black head coaches in the NBA now, have more than proven their worth in comparison to their non-Black counterparts.

How many black NBA head coaches are there?

The 13 Black coaches to start the 2021-22 season is one shy of the all-time high at the start of 2012-13 season.

How many head coaches are in the NBA?

This list includes the date of hiring and the performance record of National Basketball Association head coaches. The league consists of 30 teams, of which 29 are located in the United States and one in Canada.


Head coach Steve Nash*
Team Brooklyn Nets
Division Atlantic
Conference Eastern
Start date September 3, 2020

How many black owners are there in the NBA?

Among the 30 NBA teams, there are four majority owners that are minorities and four women that have team ownership positions. There are 10 Black general managers, one Latino president of Basketball Operations and one Asian general manager.

What NBA team has had the most black coaches?

Blazers Hire NBA Champ Chauncey Billups | 10 Black Coaches Is The Most Since 2012.

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How many NBA coaches are white?

In the 2020/21 NBA season, there were 21 white head coaches in comparison to seven African-American head coaches.