How many finals has Kobe Bryant?

How many times has Kobe Bryant been to the finals?

With the help of Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson, the Lakers played in seven NBA Finals between 2000 and 2010, winning three of them consecutively from 2000 to 2002, losing the next two in 2004 and 2008, and winning in 2009 and 2010; the last three appearances were without O’Neal.

When was the last time Kobe was in the finals?

2010 NBA Finals

Team Coach Wins Los Angeles Lakers Phil Jackson 4 Boston Celtics Doc Rivers 3
Dates June 3–17
MVP Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)
Hall of Famers Celtics: Ray Allen (2018) Kevin Garnett (2020) Paul Pierce (2021) Lakers: Kobe Bryant (2020) Coaches: Phil Jackson (2007)
Eastern Finals Celtics defeated Magic, 4–2

How many times did Michael Jordan go to the finals?

In all, Jordan went to the playoffs 13 times in his 15 seasons. The breakdown was he was in the postseason every year he was with the Bulls, but Washington didn’t qualify during his final two seasons.

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Who has been to the finals the most?

Bill Russell has the most career appearances in the NBA Finals, with 12 appearances.

Bill Russell NBA Finals 45.6
Sam Jones NBA Finals 46.1
LeBron James NBA Finals 48.4
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NBA Finals 52.3

How many times has Kobe lost in the first round of playoffs?

Kobe Bryant lost in Game 3 of the 1997 First Round against the Trail Blazers on April 30, 1997.

Kobe Bryant 5/22/1998 71.4
Kobe Bryant 5/24/1998 66.7
Kobe Bryant 5/13/1999 100.0
Kobe Bryant 5/17/1999 83.3

Who won 2009 finals?

Who has the best NBA Finals record?

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics hold the record for the most victories, having both won the competition 17 times. The Boston Celtics also won the most consecutive titles, winning eight in a row from 1959 to 1966. The Los Angeles Lakers have contested the NBA Finals the most times, with 32 appearances.

How many times has LeBron lost in the first round?

When it comes to a first-round series, LeBron James has never lost (14-0).

How many times has LeBron not made the finals?

James has only missed the playoffs three times since entering the NBA in 2003 and has advanced to the NBA Finals on 10 occasions. Last season, James set the league record for most postseason games played in a career.