How many languages did Kobe Bryant speak?

Does Kobe speak 7 languages?

Bryant is a polyglot who speaks fluent English, Spanish and Italian. When he was six, he moved to Italy with his family and picked up Italian and Spanish there.

Did Kobe Bryant speak 5 languages?

Bryant was fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish. He learned Italian when his family moved to Italy when his six so his father could play professional basketball. Over the eight years he lived in Italy Bryant became fluent in Italian and also picked up a little Spanish.

How did Kobe learn Spanish?

Mr. Bryant, who spent part of his childhood in Italy and spoke Italian, told a reporter from Univision that he largely learned his Spanish by watching telenovelas and “Sábado Gigante,” a popular game show, with his wife and her mother. … “I grew up with Kobe.

How did Kobe learn Italian?

When Bryant was six, his father retired from the NBA and moved his family to Rieti in Italy to continue playing professional basketball. After two years, they moved first to Reggio Calabria, then to Pistoia and Reggio Emilia. Kobe became accustomed to his new lifestyle and learned to speak fluent Italian.

Was Kobe Bryant fluent in Italian?

Kobe Bryant spent the better part of his childhood in Italy, and was fluent in Italian. From ages 6 to 13, Kobe lived with his father, Joe Bryant, who played for several basketball teams in the country, The Washington Post reports.

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Does Will Smith speak Spanish?

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Will Smith is a famous American actor and musician. But what most people don’t know about Will Smith, is that he also speaks Spanish. Will Smith’s role in the film Seven Pounds encouraged him to pick up the language to help with his Spanish-speaking scenes.

Did Kobe speak Slovenian?

LOS ANGELES — Kobe Bryant is fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish — he and Pau Gasol used to speak in Spanish on the court so opponents couldn’t understand what they were planning. And, Kobe speaks some Slovenian. … “He was talking Slovenian,” Doncic said after the game.

Did Kobe learn French?

Kobe Bryant not only speaks fluently in English and Italian but is also learning Serbian and French for very practical reasons.

Did Kobe watch novelas?

Bryant, who is raising two half Latinx daughters, says he picked the language up “watching novelas with my wife, Vanessa, and with my mother-in-law as well.”