How many times did Michael Jordan dunk in his career?

Did Michael Jordan ever do a 360 dunk?

Michael Jordan 360-dunked on David Robinson in Dream Team practice after Magic’s trash talk. Magic continued his description of the greatest player he’s ever seen thus: “Jimmy, his eyes got big.

How far away could Michael Jordan dunk?

He can’t accept not trying

guide. That would put Jordan’s longest dunk around 14 feet, or almost the length of three Muggsy Bogueses stretched end to end.

How many dunk contests did Jordan?

Michael Jordan among five two-time Slam Dunk Contest winners.

Did Michael Jordan really have a 48 inch vertical?

Bottom Line: Never heard of this dude, but a 4 foot (48″) vertical leap puts him on the freaking moon! His vertical leap is as high as Jordan’s! That puts the top of his head a full 4 inches above the rim and only two inches lower than His Airness.

What is Zach LaVine’s vertical?

Zach LaVine – 46 inches.

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