How many turnovers did Michael Jordan have in his career?

Who holds the record for most turnovers in a game?

Records. The record for the most turnovers in an NBA game is shared by Jason Kidd and John Drew. Kidd committed 14 turnovers against the New York Knicks on November 17, 2000 while playing for the Phoenix Suns. Drew committed 14 turnovers against the New Jersey Nets on March 1, 1978 while playing for the Atlanta Hawks.

How many turnovers does Russell Westbrook have?

Russell Westbrook has turned over the ball 4.1 times per game in his career.

Who gets the turnover in basketball?

A turnover in basketball is whenever a team loses possession of the ball and the other team gains possession. This happens in a variety of ways, in general either they occur through effective defense or offensive mistakes.

Who leads the NBA in turnovers in 2021?

Russell Westbrook committed the most turnovers in 2020-21 with 312 turnovers.

What is the most turnovers in one play?

James Harden Sets NBA Single-Game Playoff Record with 13 Turnovers.

What is the most turnovers Michael Jordan had in one game?

Michael Jordan committed his most turnovers in a game on March 11, 2003 and on January 19, 2002 with 9 turnovers.

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