How many years is considered an NBA veteran?

What counts as a veteran in NBA?

veteran. A veteran is a player who has signed at least one contract with an NBA team.

How long are you considered a rookie in the NBA?

In the National Basketball Association, a rookie is any player who has never played a game in the NBA until that year and the past 1 years. The NBA awards the best rookie with the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, as voted upon by a selected panel of United States and Canadian sportswriters and broadcasters.

What’s the longest NBA career?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retired in 1989 with a then-record of 20 seasons played.

What is the shortest NBA game ever?

For 78 minutes on Jan. 6, 1951, the Indianapolis Olympians battled the Rochester Royals and came out on top after six overtimes with a 75-73 victory to improve their record to 16-16.

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