How much do the cast of Basketball Wives get paid?

How much does Evelyn Lozada make on OnlyFans?

Evelyn Lozada, star of Basketball Wives and ex-fiancee of NBA player Antoine Walker, created an OnlyFans account where fans can pay for exclusive content of her feet. According to the Blast, Lozada is charging $25 per month for her feet images, and she’s already “making bank” on the page.

What is Evelyn from Basketball Wives net worth?

As of 2021, Evelyn Lozada’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $4 million.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Born: December 10, 1975
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Television Personality
Last Updated: 2021

What does Jennifer Williams do for a living?

How much does Malaysia make on Basketball Wives?

Malaysia Pargo – $4 million

The former couple has three kids together, of whom they share joint custody. It is reported that she received a hefty portion of Jannero’s wealth in addition to $800 for child care, and approximately $15,000 in child support that she receives every month.

How much did Jennifer Williams get from divorce?

Personal Life: Jennifer and Eric are now separated and recently she was seeking $30 million in a settlement from the divorce. They filed for divorce in 2010 and went their separate ways peacefully. She is said to have walked away with a $30 million dollar divorce settlement.

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What is Shaq worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, O’Neal has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

Where does Jennifer Williams get her money from?

She acquired her real estate license in 2005 and got into selling expensive properties in New Jersey, United States of America. While working as a real estate broker, Jennifer met Eric Williams, a professional basketball player from New Jersey.