How much do WNBA players make in Russia?

How much do basketball players make in Russia?

Of those top divisions, Spain and Russia are believed to be the highest-paying with players in the top division of both respective leagues – the ACB and VTB United – making roughly 200K – 500K/per year on average.

How much do female basketball players get paid in Europe?

In most European basketball leagues, average starting salaries typically range from $65,000 to $100,000, depending on the league. European League Salaries Many WNBA players travel to Europe in the off-season to play in international women’s basketball because of the much higher salaries.

How much does Brittney Griner make in Russia?

A Raise, but Still Far Below the Men

Bonner, Delle Donne and Diggins-Smith all have such deals. For comparison, Taurasi earned about $1.5 million and Griner close to $1 million in 2016 when they played in Russia in the offseason.

How much did Sue Bird make in Russia?

Is this the “new world order” the first President Bush described after the fall of communism? Bird, born and raised on Long Island, played under an Israeli passport this winter for a team in suburban Moscow where she earned almost four times her $93,000 annual salary with the WNBA.

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How much do London Lions players get paid?

It’s understood the basic fee for each player will be around £45,000. With a streamlined squad of 37, that would mean an overall wage bill of about £1.6m, before bonuses. That compares with more than £3m in 2017 when 41 players were selected.

How much does Breanna Stewart get paid?

Current Salaries

Player 2021 2023
Sue Bird $221,450
Breanna Stewart $190,550
Jewell Loyd $121,500
Epiphanny Prince $115,000 UFA

Who is the highest WNBA player?

Diana Taurasi

Her first All-WNBA honor was in 2004, her rookie season. Her most recent came 16 years later in 2020. Taurasi has the highest offensive win share total, by orders of magnitude. She tops the list with 60.49; in second is Sue Bird, with 42.06.

How rich is Candace Parker?

That is a combined net worth with her husband, former NBA player Shelden Williams. During her WNBA career, Candace has played for the Los Angeles Sparks.

Candace Parker Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Profession: Basketball player, Athlete, Actor
Nationality: United States of America