How much does the winner of the dunk contest make?

How much does the dunk contest winner get?

NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winner: $100,000.

Has any white guy won dunk contest?

It wasn’t the best or most exciting by any means, but it gave us the most surprising and different winner, with rookie Brent Barry taking home the trophy. The fun fact is that he is the first and only white player ever to win the dunk contest (apologies to Blake Griffin and Zach LaVine).

Do dunk contest winners get money?

AT&T, the sponsor for the NBA Slam Dunk contest, will “provide a $100,000 contribution for the three dunkers – $40,000 for the winner and $30,000 for each runner-up – and donate $5,000, or “5Gs,” representative of their nationwide 5G network, toward HBCU student initiatives through TMCF for every dunk during the NBA …

Do you get paid for winning the dunk contest?

Winning prize for the dunk contest

The prize money for winning the dunk contest is $105,000, reports The New York Times. Usually four players take part in the contest, and even if they don’t get the top prize, they still get to enjoy a little reward for their participation.

Who is Brent Barry’s dad?

What time is the dunk contest and three point contest?

TV schedule, participants for new 2021 All-Star Game format | Sporting News.

NBA All-Star schedule 2021.

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Time (ET) Event
5 p.m. NBA All-Star Tipoff Show
6:30 p.m. Skills Challenge and 3-point Contest
8 p.m. All-Star Game