How much is a basketball signed by Michael Jordan worth?

How do you protect an autographed basketball?

The best way to protect your ball from damage is to get a display case for it. A well-made display case will both protect your ball and enhance its appeal when you display it.

Did Scottie Pippen have a signature shoe?

Bulls legend Scottie Pippen had his own relatively low-key line of signature shoes with Nike, the Nike Air Pippens. But he is perhaps most famous for being the face of the striking Air More Uptempo, the graffiti-inspired shoes that he wore on his way to a fourth NBA championship and Gold Medal with the 1996 Dream Team.

Can a faded autograph be restored?

To preserve, or increase, the value of an old, worn or vintage autographed football, you can restore the item to good condition. Proper restoration requires special care to protect the signature itself, which largely determines the value of the item.

Do signatures fade?

Over Protection

Sometimes your signatures will begin to fade, but under no circumstances should you try to “redraw” them with a pen or other item. That will destroy their value, and it will be obvious to any observer. A faded autograph is always preferable to any destruction of the original.

Does Dennis Rodman have an autobiography?

In fact, the Bulls won the NBA title three years in a row, in 1996, 1997, and 1998. Playing with the championship Bulls put Rodman in the spotlight, and he adored the attention. In 1996 he published his autobiography, Bad As I Wanna Be, which spent 20 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

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