How much will NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever cost?

Can I buy the Mamba Forever Edition?

Buy Now. *Offer only available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, within the same console family. … Physical copies of NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition Next Gen will include a code in box to redeem for a digital copy of NBA 2K21 Standard Edition on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, within the same console family.

What comes with 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition?

The NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition includes the following digital items:

  • 100,000 Virtual Currency.
  • 10,000 MyTEAM Points.
  • 10 MyTEAM Tokens.
  • 60 MyCAREER Skill Boosts.
  • 40 MyTEAM Promo Packs (10 at launch, then 3 per week)
  • Sapphire Damian Lillard and Zion Williamson MyTEAM cards.
  • 30 MyCAREER Gatorade Boosts.

What happens if you buy 2K21 Mamba Edition?

Product Description. Order the NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition for PlayStation 4 and you will also receive NBA 2K21 and 100,000 Virtual Currency for PlayStation 5 upon release. This edition includes 100,000 Virtual Currency, 10,000 MyTEAM points, MyTEAM packs, digital items for your MyPLAYER, and more!

Is NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition worth it?

At the end of the day, players that value the extra couple months NBA 2K21 will be only playable on current-gen consoles and expect to play the game longer than this time period will find the Mamba Forever Edition the best value in the long run.

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Can you upgrade 2K21 to Mamba Edition?

If you purchased NBA 2K21 on PS4, here are your options for upgrading to the PS5 version. … That said, there was one option, the Mamba Forever Edition, that provides dual-access to both versions of NBA 2K21, allowing a seamless transition between consoles in the same family.

Which 2K21 edition should I buy?

If you want to upgrade NBA 2K21 from the current generation to the next generation, you must buy the Mamba Forever Edition. It’s also worth pointing out you can only upgrade to next gen if you stay within the console family (PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 or Xbox one to Xbox Series X).

How do I access Mamba Forever Edition?

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: Unlocking Mamba Forever Edition Items on PS5

  1. Try logging into your PS4 account and log in to NBA2K21 to unlock the content that way.
  2. Try downloading the PS4 version of the game on your PS5 and then logging into the PS4 version of the game to unlock the content that way.

How do I get my $100 000 VC on 2K21?

“When purchasing the current-gen NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition, you’ll receive 100,000 VC once you launch the game. When you receive and launch your next-gen copy of NBA 2K21, you’ll get an additional 100,000 VC. If you do not launch NBA 2K21 on next-gen, you won’t receive the additional 100,000 VC.