How old is NBA Youngboy never broke again?

How old is NBA YoungBoy first child?

Kayden. Kayden is the rapper’s oldest child, born on Jul 14, 2016. Kayden appeared in his dad’s video for single Kacey Talk, along with his half-brother Kacey.

Does NBA YoungBoy own never broke again?

Why Motown Records Inked Joint Venture with NBA YoungBoy’s Never Broke Again Record Label. Last week, Motown entered into a global joint venture with the Louisiana rapper’s record label, Never Broke Again records.

Is NBA YoungBoy a billionaire?

His net worth is estimated at $11.9million as of 2020. That wealth will largely come from his career in music. In 2021, Billboard named him the fourth highest-paid rapper of 2020.

How much is Lil Baby’s net worth?

According to Forbes, Lil Baby is worth $4 million.

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