Is basketball discrete continuous or serial?

What is a discrete skill in basketball?

Discrete skills are brief, well-defined actions with a clear beginning and end. They are single, specific skills that make up the actions involved in various sports such as hitting and throwing.

Is shooting in basketball a continuous skill?

The type of movement for a basketball foul shot is discrete as the skill has a distinct beginning and ending and is not repeated like in continuous motor skills. A basketball free throw uses gross motor skills meaning the majority of the body is involved using larger muscles along with the fine movements of the hands.

Is hitting a baseball a serial skill?

Serial skills are a form of discrete skills. What is an example of a serial motor skill? skipping, break dancing, throwing, hitting, kicking, catching and tumbling in gymnastics. defined by a distinct beginning and end; for example, a throw, kick or catch.

What is an example of a discrete skill?

A skill containing a single unit of activity with a definite beginning and end. A tennis serve and golf swing are examples of discrete skills.

What is a serial task?

Serial tasks are composed of a series of discrete tasks, and should be amenable to partitioning or part-task training. Schmidt (p. 46) suggests examples like starting a car, lighting a pipe, playing a piano composition, and performing sequenced routines on an assembly line or in a gymnastics competition.

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Is basketball an open or closed skill?

In general, sports may be categorized into two types: open skill and closed skill sports. Open skill sports are defined as those in which players are required to react in a dynamically changing, unpredictable and externally-paced environment (e.g., basketball, tennis, fencing and etc.) [20].

Is a volleyball serve a discrete skill?

A serve can be considered as a discrete motor skill because it has a distinct start and finish (stance – follow through). This can be running to the ball because you don’t know where the ball is going to land. … A fine motor skill in volleyball can simply be the tap of the ball for a set (finger touch).

Why is rowing a continuous skill?

Rowing – The actions of rowing are performed in a continuous cycle, starting with the drive where the oars are in the water and power is applied to move the boat. … This must continue in a smooth process for the boat to move efficiently through the water.

Is high jump a discrete skill?

Serial skills have several discrete elements which are put together to make an integrated movement or sequence of movements e.g. the triple jump, a gymnastics sequence. … perceptual requirements are high e.g. the Fosbury Flop high jump technique.