Is Sora good at basketball?

What is ahiru no Sora rating?

Ahiru no Sora ratings (TV show, 2019-)

Rank 7,421 / 21,058
Episodes 50
Total votes 992
Average votes 20
Average rating 8.4 / 10

Is ahiru no Sora ending?

Manga. Ahiru no Sora, written and illustrated by Takeshi Hinata, began in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on December 10, 2003. In January 2019, Hinata announced that the manga has entered its final arc.

Does Sora get taller in ahiru no Sora?

In the last episode of Ahiru No Sora, we saw very loving moments between Sora and his mother. Sora’s mother asks him about how taller he is getting. To which Sora replies, he got taller by 30 centimeters.

How tall is Kurumatani?

What about players who find themselves less than 6′ tall? That’s something that Sora Kurumatani from Ahiru no Sora has had to deal with personally considering he’s only 4′ 10.6 inches. Not the kind of height you’d find from a basketball player.

What disease does Sora’s mom have?

Her mother had Fabry when she was alive, she has Fabry, and now her son, Sora, is affected. With the difficulties of managing the painful symptoms of the x-linked recessive disorder, Yoshie and her family have risen to the challenges presented by Fabry and strived to maintain a much desired sense of normalcy.

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