Question: Could Michael Jordan play small forward?

Was Jordan a wing player?

As far as size is concerned, Michael Jordan was the prototype at shooting guard—a 6’6, 216-pound beast on the wing. He was strong and muscular, but not necessarily overwhelmingly so. By the same token, Jordan’s chiseled frame afforded him an abundance of flexibility, which he put to good use on both ends of the floor.

Did Kobe play small forward?

Undoubtedly, Jordan impressed everyone even by playing at this mid-range position. Kobe, on the other hand, had to shift to playing small forward because of young players being added to the Lakers. The more youngsters joined the Lakers, he had to adapt to suit the team’s additional guards.

What is LeBron’s true position?

LeBron James plays the small forward and power forward positions. Though James is considered to be one of the few players who have the skills to handle all five positions on a basketball court, he is officially a small forward and power forward.

How tall is Jordan wingspan?

The great Michael Jordan stands at this height and his wingspan is 6’11”.

Who is more clutch LeBron or MJ?

Jordan hit on eight of his first 16 clutch attempts in the playoffs, just one more than LeBron. Though that gives him a 50 percent ratio to LeBron’s 43.8, one shot really isn’t that much of a difference.

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