Question: Does strength matter in 2K21 for dunks?

What rating do you need to dunk 2K21?

It is recommended that your player has at least a 70 driving dunk (for PGs, SGs, and SFs), or at least a 70 standing dunk (for PFs and Cs), to be considered an above-average dunker.

How much strength do you need for contact dunks 2K21 Next Gen?

Pro Contact Dunks: 70 Ovr, 80 Driving Dunk, 55 Vertical. Elite Contact Dunks: 70 Ovr, 90 Driving Dunk, 65 Vertical. Small Contact Dunks: 65 Ovr, 90 Driving Dunk, 65 Vertical, Under 6’10.

What strength do you need for contact dunks?

For ‘Pro Contact Dunk’, your player must be over 70 rated with and have a driving dunk of 84 or higher. For ‘Elite Contact Dunk’, your player must be over 70 rated, and have a driving dunk of 85 or more.

Is Strength important for contact dunks?

There’s no evidence to suggest that strength helps perform contact dunks. It helps with blow-bys and holding your ground in the paint, but you’ll be able to perform contact dunks even if you’re short on it.

Can you get contact dunks with a 80 driving dunk 2K22?

However, not every build can get contact dunk animations, as they must have the following attribute requirements to be able to pull of contact dunks: Pro Contact Dunks: 84+ Driving Dunk and 70+ Vertical (Same for Pro Contact Alley-Oops) … Pro Standing Bigs: 80+ Standing Dunk, 65+ Vertical, and Height 6’10″+

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What vertical do you need to get contact dunks 2K22?

Contact Dunk Requirements

Keep your Vertical higher than 85. Your height should also be higher than 6’5″. Pro Contacts: Set your Driving Dunk to a value higher than 84, and set your Vertical to a value higher than 70.

Does strength affect dunking 2K20?

Secondly, there are two kinds of dunks in NBA 2K20, random, or ones that you specifically decide to do. … The heavier your player, the more strength then more dunks than layups and viceversa. In general it never is in sports games. My driving dunk is 90 maxed and I also have contact finisher on HOF.

Does slithery finisher stop contact dunks?

Slithery Finisher will help you evade the contact altogether, which is ideal for attacking the rim.