Question: Has anyone ever blocked Michael Jordan?

Has Michael Jordan ever got blocked?

Michael Jordan had 893 blocks in his career.

What NBA player has gotten blocked the most?

Most Blocked Players In NBA History:

  • Kobe Bryant (1211)
  • Allen Iverson (1186)
  • Pau Gasol (1156)
  • Paul Pierce (1141)
  • Jermaine O’Neal (1079)
  • Antoine Walker (1060)
  • Russell Westbrook (1055)
  • Tony Parker (1023)

Who blocked Jordan?

Miles hasn’t played in the NBA in over 10 years. However, he still has fascinating stories to tell. While recently talking to Rich Eisen, Miles shared the story of the time he blocked Jordan at a basketball camp. In fact, Miles was only a high school sophomore and was just a counselor at the camp.

How many times has Zion been blocked?

It almost sounds like a paradox. It’s not exactly a feat you’d associate with a player whom opposing coaches compare to Shaq. Williamson has had his shot blocked 104 times this season, according to NBA Advanced Stats.

Which NBA player has been blocked the least?

25 players are tied for rejecting the fewest career shots, with 0 blocks. The first three are Petr Cornelie, Omer Yurtseven and Leandro Bolmaro.

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