Question: How many people have outscored Michael Jordan?

How many players have a winning record against Michael Jordan?

Greg Ballard had a record of 4-3 versus Michael Jordan in his career.

Dudley Bradley 17 0.9
Charles Davis 7 0.9
Darren Daye 12 1.6
Frank Johnson 13 1.8

Who outscored Jordan head to head?

“During his tenure with the Bulls, Michael Jordan faced 983 opponents. He outscored 982 of them. The only player who outscored him is Allen Iverson (Iverson – 27.1, Jordan – 24.0),” Crazy Stats noted.

Who beat MJ the most?

Bobby Jones tops the list going a perfect 6-0 against Michael. A fellow Tar Heel, Jones’ resume features an NBA title in 1983, 11 all-defensive team appearances, sixth man of the year in 1983, five all-star appearances and all-NBA in 1976.

Who has Lebron played against the most?

LeBron James’ record against every Hall of Famer he ever faced

Ray Allen 10-13 13-12
Kobe Bryant 16-6 N/A
Vlade Divac 0-1 N/A
Tim Duncan 10-10 5-11
Kevin Garnett 14-16 17-13

How many HOF players did Jordan play against?

Michael Jordan faced 9 Hall of Famers in his Finals appearances, LeBron James has faced 26.

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