Question: Is basketball getting soft?

Are NBA players softer now?

The sensitivity of players today compared to those from years ago has become a big talking point for both fans and former players. …

What does it mean to be soft in basketball?

In basketball, if a player has soft hands that means he has good control of the basketball and has good dribbling ability. The player might also be referred to as a great ball handler, since many of the skills of a good ball handler are the same as those of a player with soft hands.

Why is the NBA so bad?

The NBA is in a terrible decline. … As the TV ratings suggest, the NBA has a problem. Many of the league’s issues- players pushing around franchises, the colossal amounts of guaranteed money, and the lack of importance of regular-season games- all came to light under League Commissioner Adam Silver’s watch.

Why did the NBA get soft?

The most commonly held notion is that the NBA was far more physical in the 1980s and 1990s, and that rule changes prioritizing free movement have changed the way basketball is played. Hence, a rise in “soft” players.

What does play soft mean?

In short, soft playing is an agreement between two or more players to “take it easy” on each other, in order to avoid potentially eliminating one of the players from the tournament. For obvious reasons, this is not permitted.

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What does soft mean in sports?

Most of you think of “soft” as a weakling, someone who quits when the game becomes tough, someone who is bullied or a player who gets trucked by an opposing running back.