Question: What is a duck in basketball?

Why does basketball game previously name as Duck on a Rock?

When Naismith was a child in Ramsay Townership, a stone sat in the blacksmith’s yard adjacent to the Bennie’s Corners school that he attended. They played a game on this stone called “Duck on a Rock” which was a game that combined tag with throwing.

Who actually invented basketball?

Did James Naismith steal the idea of basketball?

“All evidence points to Spalding leading the class and coming up with the rules. It was his ball, his game and his legacy that Naismith stole.” … “He was the one who told the world about the game, so in turn the world made him the founder of basketball without any thought of its true inventor, Spalding.”

Was basketball invented by a black man?

Black Americans have “invented” basketball just as much, or more than, Naismith did. … “Basketball was originally invented as a white man’s game.” This quote from Michael Novack’s The Joy of Sports is featured on the first page of Nelson George’s Elevating the Game.

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