Question: What was LeBron James nickname?

Why is LeBron James called King?

But what exactly makes LeBron James a “king?” In the state of Ohio, and especially in the surrounding areas of Cleveland and Akron, James is a king due to his stature as a quality homegrown talent of heroic proportions.

Why do they call LeBron LeGM?

LeGM (again this nickname refers to the ability of LeBron to impose his vision in the trades of his teammates or even coaches) LeTrade (is also related with trading players for his team) LeChase (because he is casing rings according to his haters)

What does Le mean in LeBron?

It is an augmentative of liebre (meaning “hare” in Spanish). Lebrón is sometimes transliterated into an English given name as Lebron or LeBron, although these forms can also be derived from the French surnames Lebrun or Le Brun, meaning “the brown“.

Is LeBron a made up name?

The name Lebron is a boy’s name of French origin meaning “brown-haired one”. The best-known bearer of this name by far is basketball superstar LeBron James.

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