Question: Who is Cece and Kristen on Basketball Wives?

Did Cece and Byron get married?

Kristen Scott and CeCe Gutierrez are currently not on speaking terms. Gutirrez and Byron married in 2020. Unfortunately, neither Thomas nor Kristen attended the ceremony.

What is CeCe Gutierrez ethnicity?

In addition to questions about Gutierrez’s age and net worth, “Basketball Wives” viewers have also been debating about her ethnicity. CeCe is Filipina. She has even taken Scott to visit her homeland in the Philippines — see the photo below. Catch “Basketball Wives” Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1.

How old is Anita Scott?

Anita Scott Coleman (November 27, 1890 – March 27, 1960) was an American writer born in Mexico and raised in New Mexico.

Anita Scott Coleman
Died March 27, 1960 (aged 69) Los Angeles, California, US
Occupation Writer

Where is Doug Christie now?

The Sacramento Kings announced today that Doug Christie has been hired as an assistant coach.

Who is Kristin Scott’s husband?

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